Paradis Boarding School

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With the best of the best littering its halls, one can say that everything is all well and good in Paradise. Yet a deep and dangerous secret lies just beyond the grounds of this uppercrust school in the Poconos, lurking in the dead of night only to whittle away at this prestigious joint school's student body. From future Mr. and Mrs. President of the United States, to promising actors, models, and business men, one would think all the money and power pumping in the veins of this school would keep safe America's best and most coveted students. But fate is fickle...

I might like you better, baby
Let’s get together, baby
Wanna hold you, get to know you
Show you what I got in my sweater, baby

Theme Song: Might Like You Better Amanda Blank (x)

Today we will be speaking to Cassandra June Versenca, a twenty year old college sophmore and resident of Victoria Hall, who resembles Megan Fox.

Miss Versenca, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Oh hey, whoa there. You need to take a few steps back there. I don’t talk to reporters, not my thing. Hope you understand. Toodles bitch.

No need to call me anything like that. I was just wondering if you’d allow me to ask you a few questions! No harm no foul.

Nope. I don’t talk to reporters, I just said that. Are you deaf too? If so you need a new profession hun.

Come now, don’t be hasty and in a horrible mood, I thought you were the life of a party. Now tell me Miss. Versenca, do you know anything that been going on around campus?

No I don’t actually, so fuck off. And being the life of the party, and being complacent are very different things, idiot.

Yes but what about the disappearance your dorm-mate, Miss Woods?

Yeah, I didn’t really care for the bitch. Never partied with her, or hung out with her. Shame she was stupid enough to go missing but, que sera, sera right hun?

It’s a bit suspicious that what you call stupid, most people don’t. Words like that make you s suspect.

You better watch yourself hun, I’ve been civil up until now. You’re just putting words in my mouth now…

And what makes you say that Miss Versenca? It’s just an honest fact. Does it rub you the wrong way, or are you upset that it’s possibly true?

I ain’t gonna waste my time here with the likes of you, you ass.

There’s no need to get defensive Miss. Versenca, it only raises more suspicion. But one final question, if you’re willing to spare it Miss. Versenca, what do you think is out there in the woods?

I don’t give a rats ass what’s in the woods out there. If people are stupid enough to go looking, that’s on them hun, not me or what I think is out there…

Connection to Event

Cassnadra is too cocky for her own good, and through in some cases it’s a good trait to have, Cassandra’s cockiness in a school with missing students is a pretty bad thing. Not having an immediate connection to any of the missing victims, Cassandra is only a suspect on the grounds that she is one of the only students who don’t seem concerned and that throws her into a most unpleasant pool of people.

Reason for Silence

Cassandra, although the life of every party, knows better than to stick her nose where it’s not needed. Despite her good looks, charm, and popularity, the girl isn’t as dense as the others walking around the grounds in their Jimmy Choos, or their Louboutins. She is smart, calculating and though she knows nothing, Cassandra knows that she is accused, or suspected. Keeping her mouth shut is more of a personal issue to protect herself than an issue to protect someone else. 


Friends: Alaizabel Michellson [friend] Vivian Brady [friend] Corrine Sanchez [friend], Dante Sanchez [friend]
Romantic Interests: None
Enemies: Theresa Norton, Faye Jones 


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