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Open Since 02/01/2013
With the best of the best littering its halls, one can say that everything is all well and good in Paradise. Yet a deep and dangerous secret lies just beyond the grounds of this uppercrust school in the Poconos, lurking in the dead of night only to whittle away at this prestigious joint school's student body. From future Mr. and Mrs. President of the United States, to promising actors, models, and business men, one would think all the money and power pumping in the veins of this school would keep safe America's best and most coveted students. But fate is fickle...

If you’ve done all wrong,
If your doing wrong,
You can rest assure your gonna live quite, quite long.
All the wrong you’ve done,
Will be undone in a song

Theme Song: Done All Wrong Lyrics Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (x)

Today we will be speaking to Faye Alexa Jones, a twenty-two year old college junior and resident of Raggiana Hall, who resembles Felicia Day.

Miss Jones, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I don’t think you’re supposed to be here…

Oh? Surely you can answer a few questions though, Miss Jones?

I…I dont think I can, it’s not allowed I don’t think.

You don’t seem very sure, so a few question’s can’t hurt, right? Were you close to anyone whose gone missing?

No…not really….I tend to keep to myself, only one or two friends…here and there…

I see, so a loner? I’ve heard that suspicion’s have been placed on you for a lack of known whereabouts. Is that true?

That’s absurd, I have a job on campus, my whereabouts are plenty known…now if you’d please leave me be unless you have actual questions and not false accusations.

They aren’t false if they are on the police report, I was simply asking Miss Jones. No need to be defensive. Have you seen anything odd while on the job?

No, I am the book keeper, all I do is work the backrooms…

Ah, where no one can keep an eye on you? Seems like a rather scary job to have right about now.

Nothing happens directly on campus, and I’ve had this job as long as I have been here, I see no

You seem rather confident in your safety, more so then any other student I’ve spoken to.

I am sure because I have only heard of disappearances happening off campus, never on campus. As long as I stay here, I should be fine like the faculty say.

Even still, it is a very confident outlook on one’s own safety. I have to wonder what blesses you with that confidence. One final question Miss Jones, just what do you feel is lurking in the woods?

Nothing more than some crazed psychopaths the police have failed to catch…

Connection to the Event

Though not connected to any of the disapearances as of late, Faye is still a close friend of Thaniel Joseph, and through that respect, has chosen not to divulge into many details concerning her connection to him and what happened between himself and Emily Mackie.

Reason for Silence

She has a severe case of social anxieties that closely mirrors Liam’s, so by default her approach to the chaos ensuing in the school is to keep her head down and away from the press. That, and her respect for Liam runs too deep for her to feel the need to expose anything she shouldn’t.


Friends: Samuel Frank [Best Friend] Thaniel Joseph [Best Friend] Theodore Ownes [Freind]
Romantic Interests: Samuel Frank
Enemies: Cassandra Versenca

Status: OPEN

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